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Personal Transformation

I was a guest on Ignite Radio Live in May, 2019. In this episode I share the story of my personal transformation with my friends Greg and Stephanie Schlueter.

LINK to the episode.

Go to for more information on the exciting ministry to families that Greg and Stephanie are a part of!

Time - Heading

6.5 - My early story and initial conversion

11 - Jesus becoming my lord and not just my savior

13 - What motivated me to enter the seminary

15 - Discerning leaving the seminary

20 - Dating and marrying Brittany as an experience of God's love

24 - Journey to health - "holiness is wholeness"

30 - Original sin and the fight or flight response

32.5 - Growing in holiness is healing the whole person

40 - Functional Spirituality - sin is a symptom

45 - Expectations and growth

47.5 - Applying the functional model to pornography

55 - Applying the functional model to the church


I am a member of the Board of Directory for Image Trinity. Part of the work of Image Trinity is Mass Impact and Ignite Radio Live.

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