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Personal Transformation

I was a guest on Ignite Radio Live in May, 2019. In this episode I share the story of my personal transformation with my friends Greg and Stephanie Schlueter.

Go to for more information on the exciting ministry to families that Greg and Stephanie are a part of!

Time - Heading

6.5 - My early story and initial conversion

11 - Jesus becoming my lord and not just my savior

13 - What motivated me to enter the seminary

15 - Discerning leaving the seminary

20 - Dating and marrying Brittany as an experience of God's love

24 - Journey to health - "holiness is wholeness"

30 - Original sin and the fight or flight response

32.5 - Growing in holiness is healing the whole person

40 - Functional Spirituality - sin is a symptom

45 - Expectations and growth

47.5 - Applying the functional model to pornography

55 - Applying the functional model to the church


I am a member of the Board of Directory for Image Trinity. Part of the work of Image Trinity is Mass Impact and Ignite Radio Live.

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