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Trauma, Healing, and Epigenetics

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I was a guest on the podcast Conversations with Nick & Alina in May of 2019. In this episode we discuss holistic growth, choosing a church, why pray to Mary, and much more.

Link to the video.

Time - Heading

4:00 - About me and our friendship

8:00 - A new catholic approach to self improvement

20:00 - "Be perfect as my heavenly Father is perfect"

23:00 - The Kingdom of God

29:00 - Applying these ideas to weight loss

37:00 - God's love and forgiveness

43:45 - How do you know what church to be in?

60:00 - Why we are Catholic

71:00 - Why do we need Mary?

74:30 - Growing in community

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