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About Me

     I am a Catholic who loves Jesus! I have the honor of being married to my wife, Brittany, and I have worked in full-time ministry as a lay member of the Church for over ten years.


     In 2014, the tension between the message I was teaching, and my lifestyle became nearly unbearable. The Lord had worked many conversions in my life, but I was still a mess. I often felt like I needed to hear what I was teaching more than my audience. I decided to take a step back from public speaking and step down from other leadership roles to focus on becoming the person I felt God calling me to be. I realized that I needed to make significant changes to my lifestyle. By 2015 my weight had exploded to almost 375 pounds, I was overrun with stress, and I was hardly sleeping. I was spending most of my free time numbing myself. In January 2016, I started a journey to health.

     I still have a long way to go, but the Lord has worked amazingly in my life. I have lost almost half of my body weight. I sleep fifty percent more than I used to, and I am continually developing a healthier relationship to stress. The way health revolutionized my relationship with God surprised me! My physical health and spiritual growth were not as separate as I had assumed.  

     Becoming Gift is my attempt to share my journey, the things I have discovered, and what I am still learning. I am passionate about exploring the art of being human, and I believe that applying the best insights of faith and reason takes us from surviving to thriving.

     Pope St. John Paul II often echoed the idea from the Second Vatican Council that we cannot fully find ourselves except through a sincere gift of self. I want to invite you to join me as I explore how to become a sincere gift.


Andrew Reinhart

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Written March 2020

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