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AMA #3 | Physically Spiritual S3 E11

In this AMA, I answer the questions: "What is affirmation therapy?", "Who is your patron saint?", and "What is the difference between Catholic and Non-Meditation?".

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0:30 What is Affirmation Therapy

6:15 Who is your Patron Saint?

10:15 What is the Difference Between Catholic and Non-Catholic Meditation


Question #1 - What is Affirmation Therapy?

Affirmation Therapy -

“St. Thomas and Affective Maturity” | Dr. Suzanne Baars -

Question #2 - Who is your Patron Saint?

St. Andrew -

Pope St. Leo the Great -

St. Teresa of Avila -

Question # 3 What is the difference between Catholic and Non Catholic Meditation?

Christian Meditation -

Non-Christian Meditation -

Recommended Resources for Meditation

The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

| Fr. John Bartunek -

Divine Intimacy | Fr. Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen -

Ragnum Christi Daily Meditations -

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